Black Presto 05442 CoolDaddy Cool-touch Deep Fryer Customer Reviews

Delicious deep deep-fried foods, quick and simple. good for chicken, shrimp, tater and a lot of. Exterior handle lowers food into the oil with the duvet closed to stop spattering. Removable pot with slippy cookery surface. assures fast and simple cleanups. huge six-serving capability during a compact-size deep volaille. Adjustable thermostat permits simple choice of the required cooking temperature. lockup cowl prevents spattering and reduces odor. Removable filter absorbs odors. Handy indicator light-weight permits you to understand once the oil is prepared for cooking. size viewing window permits you to supervise cooking while not gap the duvet. Presto CoolDaddy Fryer cool-touch deep volatile (6-cup capacity) a hundred and twenty volts AC, 1500 watts, 60 Hz. "
Presto CoolDaddy Fryer

With the proper instrumentality, fried food will be crisp and delicious rather than fat-logged and soggy. This fast presto cool daddy electrical deep volatile includes many options that assist you create tasty deep-fried chicken, fish, shrimp, and tater for up to 6 folks. Its adjustable thermostat ranges from 250 to 375 degrees F, and its bright red indicator light-weight signals once the oil has reached the required temperature therefore food cooks now not than necessary. A viewing window permits you to track progress while not gap the duvet, associate degree associate degree enclosed wire basket with an exterior handle means that you'll be able to stop spatters by lowering food into hot oil with the lid down.

Smart in structure, the volatile includes a cool-touch exterior and a lockup cowl with a push-button latch for safety. Its anti-odor charcoal filter removes while not problem, and therefore the interior cookery pot is slippy for fast cleanup. The wire interior basket options tiny holes--good for debilitating oil off whereas keeping tiny items in. measure around 13-1/2 by ten by 11-1/2 inches, the cooking utensil will be keep with the basket, handle, and twine within. All elements ought to be washed by hand, and fast includes a annual warrant. --Emily Bedard

Presto 05442 CoolDaddy Customer Reviews:

Review #1:

This is a good very little pullet. It cooks enough for two servings at a time, don't overload. it's a pleasant list of options. The basket is extremely handy, the temperature gauge and prepared light-weight work well and also the lid with vents and a filter facilitate cut back the grease smell in your house. Some foods with plenty of wet won't fry well with the lid closed and even with the lid closed you'll not eliminate the odor utterly. I set this abreast of my stove once I use presto cooldaddy deep fryer so i am ready to use the fan yet then i'm ready to eliminate all of the smell. It cleans up nicely and i am ready to store the oil in it between uses for weeks.

The previous reviews clearly weren't victimization as this can be meant. i believe they were overfilling with oil/food/both.

Review #2:
A great convenience. No spills, no over boils, no stink, no mess.

Ensure your food is patted dry...or use a little less oil if you do not wish associate degree over boil of grease initiating of the highest.

It additionally says, to stop food goo protruding to hand batter fish do not use the basket. I simply place the basket down into the grease and drop the fish in. did not stick.

Easy to wash. Lid lifts off, and it's tiny low catch for once you open the lid within the back of the unit.

I think it absolutely was straightforward to wash. Lid comes off, filter pops out, bowl lifts out and also the bowl is immersible. very little predicament and Dawn and like new...

It took concerning fifty one ounces of oil.

Order further filters, it solely comes with one.

Review #3:
Love this machine. it's good for cooking tiny batches of food. i exploit this for creating fella, etc. we tend to at very happy with this product. It's tiny thus once not in use, we are able to simply place it away. I actually have been very pleased with this machine. deep-fried foods style sensible, not oily (as they commonly would once toasted during a pot of oil). It cooks everything at the proper temperature. there's a dial on the aspect during which you'll be able to select the proper temperature for cooking your foods.

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